General Information

The Russian Speaking Student Association organizes events to facilitate community building and cultural exchange. Every semester we host various educational, cultural, and recreational events on-campus and off-campus.

Our events are open to anyone who may be interested in any aspect of Russian, Eastern European, or Eurasian Culture. All events are held in Russian (we provide support for those who have just started learning the language).

Some of our most popular events include:

  • Culture Show
  • Barbecue & Picnics
  • Movie nights, language hours, cultural presentations
  • Attending campus lectures and events
  • Excursions to concerts, festivals & performances throughout the Bay Area
  • House parties, club parties, and more
  • Game nights: durak, jeopardy, and many many more
  • Collaborative events with other organizations on campus

The latest information about events is posted to our Telegram channel!