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Russian Speaking Student Association (RSA)  || Russian Club

Our Purpose

Russian Student Association (RSA) is a student-run organization on the UC Berkeley campus which strives to highlight culture and traditions of Russian speaking community on our campus.

We are united in the support of Ukraine

photo_2022-02-28 20.02.24Here's how you can help the people of Ukraine : NPR

Most Critical Resources to help:

During the current horrible events in Ukraine, the whole Russian community at Cal stands united in the support of Ukrainian nation in their existential fight of an independent sovereign country against a nuclear tyrant.

There are many ways that the community of our Berkeley campus can help in this fight:

1. Ukraine faced not only military aggression, but also an information war. Please consume and share info only from the reliable sources, some below:

2. Spread the word
It is important not only to stay informed, but also to share the information from verified sources. Do this with clear emphasis:

  • Russia is the aggressor
  • Russia has violated the borders of sovereign Ukraine
  • There is no “brotherhood”
  • There can be no halftones such as “military operation”, “say no to war” or “we are for peace”.

3. Support the armed forces of Ukraine and donate to humanitarian aid
List of links for financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and charitable foundations:

4. Although Ukrainian partners have already imposed severe economic and legal sanctions on Russia, they are still not enough to weaken and stop the Russian government and its supporters. Push through your government

  • Impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine
  • Send NATO troops to Ukraine
  • Send weaponry (e.g., aircrafts)

You will find a detailed algorithm of actions to support the information campaign here.
If you are the US citizen, you can reach out to your Senators and House representatives and request to pressure President Biden. Quick reminder can be found *

A quick reminder how to reach out your Senators and House representatives:

  1. Go to https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm ➔ choose your state ➔ choose “contact”
  2. Go to https://www.house.gov/ ➔ in the upper right corner enter your ZIP code
    ➔ choose either a small envelope icon to contact or click on the  representative’s name (the latter lead you to a representative’s webpage where you can send you message)

Go to https://democracy.io/#!/ ➔ enter your address ➔ choose which representatives you’d like to write to or click “write them all” ➔ write your message
As long as companies such as Visa and Mastercard operate in Russia, they support its banking system and economy. This money sustains the activities of the invading army. You can stop this war sponsorship. Instructions for a post and hashtags you can find by link.

5. Sign petitions

Sign petitions to support sanctions against Russia and send military aid to Ukraine:

Thank you everyone for any help you can do. Standing together with Ukraine!

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